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Pennsylvania WILDS Resources & Information 

Check out the Pennsylvania Wilds Resources Website at www.pawildsresources.org

Pennsylvania Wilds Design Guide 


     The Lumber Heritage Region is partners with the Pennsylvania Wilds multi faceted initiative that is taking place in 12 of the LHR's 15 counties. Val Shelley's administrative assistant position is shared with the Pennsylvania Wilds Planning Team, further enhancing our partnership and synergy with them.

     The Pennsylvania WILDS is a community revitalization and nature tourism initiative where the 12 counties involved are being regionally marketed under one brand or name -- "the Pennsylvania Wilds" (similar idea to "The Outer Banks" or "The Adirondacks") by the Pennsylvania Tourism Office and the local tourist promotion agencies operating in the twelve counties . THE Pennsylvania Wilds IS the 12 county Region.   

(See Map)


     Here are the various groups working on the initiative:
  1. The Governor's Taskforce on the Pennsylvania Wilds
  2. The Pennsylvania WILDS Tourism Marketing Corporation
  3. The Pennsylvania WILDS Planning Team
  4. The Pennsylvania WILDS Artisan Work Group
  5. The DCNR Recreation Team
  6. The Lumber Heritage Region
  7. The Route 6 Heritage Corridor