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A Load of Hemlock Bark Headed to the Tannery
The Lumber Heritage Region of Pennsylvania is one of the 12 Heritage Areas in Pennsylvania.  Our charge is to preserve, relate, and enhance the history and heritage of the people and their relationship with the Pennsylvania Forests.
  2009 Annual Report
  Here you will find information on our history and a list of projects in the Region. Click here for the 2008 Report

LHR Interpretive Plan
  The Interpretive Plan spells out how we plan to tell the stories of the Region through travel itineraries and interpretive signage.

Management Action Plan
  The Management Action Plan lays out the ground work for developing the Lumber Heritage Region.

  In addition to the plans above, the LHR has produced several publications.



  The Lumber Heritage Region is a proud member of HeritagePA, the organization of the 12 Pennsylvania Heritage Areas.          Click here for their website.

The Pennsylvania Wilds
  The LHR works closely with the Pennsylvania Wilds initiative as our synergy has produced results in the region that would not have happened with out this partnership.

  In addition to being part of the nationally recognized PA Heritage Parks Program. the LHR works closely with several DCNR representatives on everything from funding to planning to project assistance. 




A short video about the LHR